Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last post from China

As I await the arrival of the bellman here in Shanghai, I am acutely aware of a couple of things. First, when did I start overpacking? I used to trek through Europe for 2 months at a clip with 1 bag. One! Well, maybe a small day pack as well. Now, I am carrying a bit more camera gear than back then, but really......4 bags! I feel not unlike an idiot.

Second, I am looking over my itinerary and here is what we have. 

4:20 PM to Singapore arriving at 9:55PM     4.5 hours
11:55PM to Manchester arriving at 6:25A     14.5 hours
10:25AM to Orlando arriving at 2:50PM      9.5 hours
Drive to West Palm Beach, FL                        3 hours


Was it worth it? YOU BET!

(Ask me in 30 hours however.....)

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Steve LaRose said...

I am home now.. trying to stay awake till tonight, and as I think back about the last 10 days, I have to tell you that having you on this one was truly a treat! The laughs were great... shooting was amazing, and thanks for the photoshop tutorial!

until the next one....

p.s. "he's hitting that?: