Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As sun sets on a short but meaningful journey

I think by now, its pretty well known that I love to travel. I embrace and treasure each and every journey I have been blessed with the opportunity to take. It is with mixed feelings, however, that I reflect back on one that is coming to a close.

Hiking in the swiss alps, moped riding in the Greek Islands, diving in the Bahamas, exploring the streets of Paris, finding new music at a music festival in Copenhagen, treking in Norway, traveling as a lighting designer with Anna Gabriel in South America, waking up on countless overnight trains in Europe, ...... I could go on forever! All these were fantastic memories. Each and every one had something in common however....a foreseeable end. Upon embarking on these journeys, there was a predictable time to come home and end the trip.

A few years ago, about 12 or so, I decided to embark on another journey. This one was a little different. You see, this journey was supposed to be one without an end....a lifetime journey if you would, with another person. At least, that was the plan. To love, learn, and grow into a much better and complete person...... a union not to be broken.....yes, that indeed was the plan.

Well, people change and life kinda gets in the way sometimes. There are some that are able to make this trip successfully, not many as statistics will tell you, but some. Sometimes I wish I was one of these privileged few, but hey, I think I played my cards as best as I could. I have lost too many tears to count over the last 2 years trying to figure it out, thats for sure! I guess like anything in life, you learn as you go and you learn from your experiences. I have to think that somehow, this is all part of making me into a better person.

This journey has been over for a while now. The train has slowly but surely been approaching the station. By tomorrow morning the wheels, if all goes well in court, will finally come to a hault. It is then when I must grab my bag and get off the train. Even though I know the trip is over, I can't help but feel I didn't see everything. Like I misread the guidebook and slept through too much of it.....a very strange and uncomfortable feeling I must admit.

I look forward to continuing my next journey, one that I have already started.......being the best father I can be. Like all my other trips, I look forward to this one!


Anonymous said...

Not only an artist with light and a camera, but with words as well. That is a very moving piece, made more so because I've watched it happen (to some extent). I have immense respect for you, as a person and a professional, I'm sure you made every attempt to do the right thing. You've got a lucky daughter, my friend, and she has a great Dad. Thanks for coming to play in Asia, here's hoping we do more (hey, we have Boston and Orlando next year... that's exciting, right?).


Haley said...

I guess this was written pretty recently. It is the true and sad story of many a divorcee (and Parent) and I don't think anyone has ever said it better or with more finesse.

Being a great parent is also challenging; I'm on that path now, and mostly alone. I am really up for that challenge, and will take this opportunity and see it as a beautiful gift that has been given to me. Each experience, whether pleasurable or not, has a lesson.
It is almost as if the lesson is the gift and the experience is the wrapping. If you just take the experience for what it is you miss the point; the lesson. There are lessons all around us to learn, and taking the important parts from each one and assimilating it into our core persona is a catalyst for our personal evolution into better human beings.

All the blessings, love and admiration to such a sensitive, creative and special person. You are loved, and will indeed love again and live life even fuller than you ever dreamed.