Saturday, November 1, 2008


Not my typical HDR shot, just a simple one out of the Iphone. A snapshot that speaks volumes for me though. I wanted to capture a shot of Kevin in action during our setup. In typical Kevin he is multitasking. Giving creative direction, fielding calls, and making sure the devil has a cool drink!

As I await the departure of my flight to Singapore, I struggle with choosing the right words to type. Life is a journey. Sometimes, the people who help you along the way make it a special journey. Several years ago (about 26 actually) I met this crazy guy. His contagious creativity and drive is quite infectious. My introduction to the event lighting industry would have never happened without this chance encounter. It seems like only yesterday, I was crawling under a stage to pump a fog machine up on one of Kevin's events as the entertainment was blasting from over my head. The Palm Beachers dancing in the environment created by Kevin and Bruce was like nothing I had ever seen. It was such an adrenaline rush! That turning point in my life has taken me all over the country since then as a lighting designer. It was nice to work with Kevin again after so many years. My words can't acurately describe how cool it was to come full circle after so many years. Its nice to stop and remember where you got your start and big break. Thanks Kevin :)

I hope to post a few images from the event during the next few days from the Halloween event. Next post will be from Singapore!

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