Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Moroccan Party

I am trying to play catchup this week. I have put alot of things on the back burner that need attention now. Next week I am in Boston, then in MIami, then South America! That is of course if the Visa for Brazil comes through! I am really excited about the possible images I might be able to capture down there. Our schedule should allow a little free time. I am also working down there with a couple of other amature photographers that like the same techniques that I use. Man, I hope this visa thing works out!

I have been proccessing a few images for a client from the last 3 day wedding we did in the Keys. They are not all HDR's, but I have the most fun with those.

Here is one from the last night party. It really wasn't that red, but i think it looks cool.



fsoll said...

I have to say, the way you make use of the light in your shots is something I haven't seen before. And living across the park from the Metropolitan Museum of Art I have seen many of the greatest painters of our time, including the Gustave Courbet special exhibit last month, who I think, after seeing his work, was a genius French realist, especially when it came to light. I think your knowledge of lighting design and your skills as a photog, when combined, are unbelievable. really... When and where is the first show??

Anonymous said...

So Steve and I have been promoted from complete rookies to amateur now. Good to know we are moving up the scale. ;)

Love the new stuff man. Looking forward to basking in true photo greatness with you Mike.