Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just a rooster

All right, I know, a rooster. What a lame post. Well, when you spend a weekend in the keys with your kid, your not really focused on the art of photography or digital imagery. You shouldn't be, and thats OK. However, when you get back and look at the memory card, you kind of forget that. I mean there are severe slim pick-ins here! Cool kid stuff, yes....creative well thought out shots.....well, ...... here's a cool rooster! Sorry, that's all I got. Be nice or he'll snap at ya. I mean, look at that attack beak! These guys were everywhere making noise all hours of the day.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

1 comment:

Drew Dedo said...

This picture would have been great at the Latino Rap Concert I opened up for on Friday night. I was playing with a Latin Country chick and the headliner, some guy named Chingo, had a rooster on all of his posters, albums, etc. Awesome!