Sunday, June 29, 2008

Churchill and Roosevelt hanging out at the Four Arts Garden

Well, since I am returning to the states tomorrow morning, I decided to post an image from home. This was taken at the park behind the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach the day before I left....the day they canceled my flight. I have seen quite a bit over the last few days. Its an awesome experience to be on the road working with a really cool crew as well as experiencing new places, however, it means even more to get back home to see my kid!

I decided to see Iguazo Falls from the Argentinean side today. What a great idea! There is no real way I can come close to describing this natural wonder. I was looking forward to some great lighting for my images today, however, the sun didn't come out until I was leaving the park! No kidding, as I was walking out to meet my ride, the sky was full of incredible clouds. In fact, I snapped about 20 shots of just the sky! Oh well, the park was still worth it.

Well, thats about it for now. Next blog from the states!

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