Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Details from Touch Floral - and a bit about some changes

I've given a bit of thought to my blogging strategy recently. Blogging strategy....now that sound a bit strange doesn't it? Having a few irons in the fire tends to create a stream with no real direction. Perhaps that's ok I guess, but I think I am leaning towards a complete restructuring of things round here.

In an effort to simplify my life, I think I have actually complicated it a bit. Funny how that happens :) Having multiple interests and passions can sometimes find one driving down a few paths at the same time. Lighting, real estate investments, photography, travel...trying to keep it all on the track can be a bit maddening.....yikes!

So anyway, look for some big changes in the MDS site as well as the Hylite site soon. My plan is to keep the 2 kinda separate with their own individual direction and applicable posts. I have a few interesting products, tutorials, and goodies I am working on in the near future with my photography as well. Check out the blog for a place to sign up to be notified first!

As far as the image, I created this collage with a cool preset I created with lightroom. I plan on sharing a few tips like these and others in the newsletter!

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