Sunday, November 8, 2009

A walk in the woods (and a bit of thanks)

Well, I kinda fell a bit short on my posts this week now, haven't I. I plunged into this week of events we were on with the full intention of posting current bits of details and images along the way, but in reality, resorted to somewhat useless dribbles of twitter posts, with the occasional Iphone upload. I know, kinda lame.....

More than anything, as the final truck is being loaded, I just had to give a few thanks. This whole week was quite the undertaking for us. To sit back now and revel in the success of our portion of the project is quite rewarding. However, the real unsung heros are those who often do not get recognized. I couldn't have done this without the dedication of my crew of Chris, Sarah, Eric, Keith, Carl, Drew, Alan, Rick, Dallas, and of course, the local power crew from Black Onyx. Thanks SO much all of you. You really made me look good and I am so happy that you were all able to be part of the team!

Now, time for some MUCH needed rest. Look for a few images this week!!!

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