Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Somewhere in Zermatt

Somewhere in Zermatt, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

After a long trek up in the Swiss Alps, my legs were shaking as I approached the bottom of the last path. Throw a flat country Florida guy into the Swiss Alps for a day, and thats what you get. For a short couple of days, I severely abused my out of shape body for the exchange of some incredible scenery, fresh air, and relaxing moments near the Matterhorn. Of course, with my trusty Nikon kit at my side, I captured a few images along the way.

I did something a bit different on a few of these outings on this trip. I decided to record my thoughts as I was setting up for the shot with my G10. This location was one of them. I remember rambling on as I set up this shot about why I was taking it and what I hoped to do with it. I am sure I sounded like quite a dork, hahaha. Anyway, I hope to edit a few of these video clips soon and incorporate with some editing tips as well.

Musical inspiration from the edit.....Enjoy!

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pirokink said...

Your photo is very nice!
Please tell what software do you use to make HDR photograph?