Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A break in the Swiss Alps (while the timelapse camera clicks away)

I had a few ideas while on this little trek up in the Swiss Alps, and here is one of them. Before I left the States for my trip, I had tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to procure a room with a great view of this most majestic of mountains. My thought was that the camera could live, safely on the balcony, whilst clicking away all day for a time-lapse capture. Well, I started thinking, how about a nice little break during a hike to do the same thing? I must admit, after loading a little Pat Metheny into the ipod playlist, throwing the hood over my head, and just sitting down to enjoy the view and fresh air for a couple of hours, I was in heaven!


Picture Imperfect said...

Monumental. Stunning. Beautiful.

I could carry on if you like? :o) I really am impressed by this shot. Great colour, framing and perspective.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
What nice answer

paulgrand said...

Superb, what camera did you use, was it a movie or a normal camera?