Friday, November 6, 2009

Entrance to the Haunt

Entrance to the Haunt, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Here's a quick peak from our last event on Halloween. This shot of the entrance of the party was the gateway to a few really cool effects and spooky gags just around the corner. Look for a few more images to follow soon. (Man, that event seems like it was years ago!)

As far as the event I am on now......well, I guess 4 hours sleep is better than 3!

As I trudge thru this mornings rehearsal for the luncheon, I have another team in place at the General Session, at the trade show floor, with 2 more ready for the outside event setup today and the turnover here in the ballroom. Couldn't have gotten this far without the A plus team that I have been graced with! Pictures from this event so far? Well, not so much, sadly. Perhaps I'll have a chance to capture this evenings event, I hope! As I try to stay one step ahead of all the shows, the camera has spent the last couple of days whimpering alone in the room....sad to report. Poor thing!