Monday, September 14, 2009

The view from Riffelberg today in Switzerland

Having "unplugged" a bit over the past few days, I must apologize for those who happen to peek at the flickr stream and blog every now and then. My days have been spent exploring countless locations here in centraI Europe. I look forward to posting a quick wrap up soon after I return as well as posting images over the weeks ahead. Before I head out in the AM to train it back into France, I decided to hijack a ride on a wireless connection here in Zermatt, Switzerland and get an image out. I took an incredible hike today, dodged a few clouds, captured a cool timelapse, and recorded a few videos. One is of the technique I used on this panorama of the Swiss Alps. Look for it soon. Well, thats it for always....more on all of this later :)

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Captain Kimo said...

Amazing shot... I need to start traveling too.