Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boardwalk to the mountaintops in Iceland

For years, specifically the early 90's, I was blessed with a schedule that allowed me to be to celebrate the exhilaration of solo travel. To travel into personally uncharted territory with nothing but a skeleton of an itinerary and a backpack seemed to be my goal for each summer. The unknown world was just outside the door, knocking impatiently for me to answer, and without hesitation, I answered it every year. Even though I focused my world of travel in Europe, it was my world....a nomadic home away from home of sorts.

Like the image above shows (or at least I hope it shows), there is something quite exciting about having a vision of the trip ahead of you. A clear view of the end without an idea at all about what is around the corner.

Well, fast forward a few years and as could be predicted, life changes......having a family does that to you. I'm not saying that's bad, in fact if it all works out, I am sure that there is nothing better in the world. My wonderful daughter actually, continues to be one of the few things that keeps me grounded. She needs me, and I definitely need her. But like I said, sometimes life changes. We hear a lot about the struggle of the single mom, and I understand it fully. We don't hear, however, much about the struggles of the single dad. The constant wandering of the mind in finding its awkward new place in life. The part time dad, giving all that you can, never really pleasing your ex wife, while redefining who you are and what you gave up....yeah, its still a constant struggle now that I think of it...

It is, however, after deeper self discovery since I have become single again, that I realize how much I have tried to adapt. I, somewhat unknowingly let a passion, a serious passion for travel, discovery, and exploration, become trapped inside. You know, everyone has their heros. Super heros, titans of industry, sports figures, actors, musicians, .... you name it. Sure I have mine (lately its been a few self growth leaders), but I have always had a secret admiration for the wanderers. Nomadic courageous individuals who had the guts to take off for a years or two to walk, bike, and trek about the world always been seen by me as those who were truly living life......but hey, thats just me...

So, although its a challenge at this moment in my life to wander off too long, I have decided to dip a bit into the shallow end of the travel pool again. My career has taken me quite a few places in the past few years, but its time to bumble about on my own again. Thanks to a few extra frequent flyer points as well as some other reward points, I am hitting the road again. Although, there is a side of me is screaming to head out longer, I am limiting this little trek to about 2 weeks. My reignited passion has me traveling through a bit of France, Northern Italy, and Switzerland. With a focus on photography, I think I have laid out a nice variety for this short trip.

I hope to post a bit along the way, but at the same time, I am hoping to really "unplug" from technology for a bit. Good grief, the French can do it for 6 weeks every year...what's with us Americans. All that being said, I am sure you will hearing from me along the trip.

One more thing, I am sure I am not the only one that gets this feeling, but I wonder how many other people in their 40's wonder what they are going to do for a living when they grow up. LOL! For me, I can only hope that travel continues to find its place in mine.

Lastly (no really, ...... lastly)......thanks for reading. I know that this blog is somewhat of a self indulgent thing.....not always.....but usually.....

Well, next post from Europe!!!


Qixotic Imagery said...


We'll miss your daily posts but are looking forward to many new images.

Believe me, I'm in my mid 60's and every day I look forward to what I might be doing next week when I grow up...or maybe the week after...

Enjoy your trip of discovery and may it continue forever...


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