Monday, September 28, 2009

The lights at night in Honfleur

Wow, with all the images I have for upload, not sure why I chose this one. I guess after last night, my memory of this location hit a cord with me. Honfleur Harbor on the West coast of France in Normandy, a location I hope to explore again someday soon!

I must say, that although I love HDR techniques and what it can do to an image, I am a little over it. Although I have quite a few ready to post that I intend to upload sooner or later, its nice to take a break from it. If you have followed my images so far, you might agree.

Sometimes, in my quest to capture the essence of a scene or location, I tend to get a little bit hung up of the dynamic range and what I can create in post. Sure, there becomes an art to it in post, but sometimes the real reason you were drawn to the scene gets lost in that translation. For this image, it was all about the movement, the quiet moment of the couple, and the reflections of light in this serene French harbor. My hope is that you can feel it as well......

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