Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting for the guests

While the rest of the country was bundled up inside last weekend, a few invited Palm Beacher's were enjoying a fantastic evening in wonderful South Florida. The weather held up for a beautiful event in a tent on the island to benefit Foundcare.....an organization to provide quality healthcare for those who need it. We were proud to be a part of this special evening.

Before the crowds

As always, my favorite part is scrambling just before doors with my tripod and kit to capture details. These environments are always a great subject for me from the overall space, to the colors, to the fine details. I am always striving to capture a new fresh angle, and that keeps me on my game.

At the step and repeat wall

The tent was constructed in a parking lot behind Market Salamander. As the guest passed through the store, there were welcomed into the colorful space we helped to create.

Ready for the show

Multi color logos are now quite easy for us to create at the last minute....and even on a small budget with the image pro system. Digital image, minimal photoshop work, print, mount, project, thats it!  The screens were projecting images from a unique system that we have never used before. The digital video booth consists of a camera mounted in a slick housing with a soft light, and backdrop, a cable release, and a printer. The guest can self pose in front of the backdrop and have their image show up on the ever increasing slide show loop onto the screens during the evening. They even receive a small high quality black and white print to take home. Pretty slick. They loved it!

Waiting for a new owner
The auction item...the Mini Cooper extended....was won and then turned back in to be auctioned again. My hat off to the generous attendee that was so gracious.

Palm Beach on a full moon night
After the party started to wind down, I walked a block down to the beach. This was the evening that the moon was the closer to the earth than it has been in I can't remember how many years. I captured a few images of the moon up close with a lot of detail, but I kinda also like the look of this one now.

To be able to help create such a wonderful space and then polish the evening off by viewing this incredible moonlit landscape, well, lets just say that life is good :)


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