Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fountain at Place' de la Concorde

Just outside of camera view is about 10 or so lanes of insane Parisian traffic circling around this fountain. Look one way, you see up the Champs E'lyse'es to the Arc de Triumph....look another and you are looking at the Esplanade des Invalides....yet another (the way I approached it) and you are in the Jardin des Tuileries. A fascinating city, best explored on foot.

My first view of this incredible landmark was with my father......'bout 16 or so years ago. We took a side trip to Paris from London while visiting a friend there. Dear old dad thought that we could venture into this "City of Lights....the City that never sleeps" on an overnight trip from the UK and just stay up all night. After all, its the city that never sleeps.....correct? Well, after the midnight tour bus that takes you around to all the monuments returned, and we bounced around to a few coffee joints, I got news for you.......this city eventually does go to sleep. There is not much to do between 4 and 7AM except for wait for the sun to come up. We eventually ended up on a bench in a train station at about 5AM and tried to relax a bit, only to get booted out by the police. Ummm, great idea dad. This is working out real good! You know, he meant well. What an adventure. I guess I realize now where I got that adventurous side of me. Sure would be nice to call him now and laugh about that one. I hope he is looking down at me now, laughing as I type this ...... ya......that would be nice. Miss ya dad  :'(

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