Tuesday, December 9, 2008

View from the water

When planning an event, sometimes the first area to get hacked in a budget crisis is the lighting. Well, what would a shot like this be WITHOUT the lighting? Well, quite dark actually.....

Here are some images from a private house event that we worked on last weekend. The shot below is the view that the guests were treated to after they arrived for the event......beyond the gates that is. Nothing like an outside Florida party in December!

The arrival to the Partee'

The balcony seemed to be a great place to project kinetic water effects for the outside walls of the tent and vine covered walls. A custom logo was then projected into the pool as well as on the top of the tent. Minimal landscape lighting enhancement rounded out the treatment.

View from the North

Once the cocktails were over, the guests proceeded to the tent interior for dining and dancing. 

The tent treatment

Since I was in Miami, I took full advantage of capturing some of the city's incredible night skyline. Having no idea where to go, I was on a wild goose chase for awhile. The funny part about that little trip was what I noticed as I was leaving the fenced in seawall. The area over the bridge onto Watson Island has some great places to capture the skyline, and some great places to tie off the thousand or so "No Trespassing - Miami Beach Police" signs that I didn't notice upon arrival. Funny how that seems to happen to me :)

Miami at night


Trey said...

This is most excellent... I love all these photos... very sharp work!

Deb said...

As always, an amazing view. these are awesome!!

Deb said...
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