Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A rough difficult road

When you take a turn onto divorce road, you should be ready for a bumpy ride. Its full of potholes, hazards, and scattered pieces of sharp debris. Its a nasty ride thats for sure. Oh sure, you hit a nice patch of road every now and then. The trees clear out, you put the roof down, the birds are chirping.....for a brief moment, its a great day. Just then, outta nowhere, bam! Where did that oil slick come from! You slam into something. My God, where did that come from. Pedestrians are screaming at you. Hey, it wasn't my fault....what happened to the smooth road? Defensive driving......keep focused.....that's all you can do. You can't control the other drivers, only yourself. So keep your eyes on the road up ahead, WAY up ahead, there is bound to be a clearing. I'm sure there is. I know there are much better days ahead. I just wish I had a better map!

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