Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Minneapolis Skyline

The skyline of Minneapolis is an incredible mix of contemporary glass, steel, and granite structures. I had a little time yesterday to trek around a bit and capture a few images of the city. After checking out the news today, its nice to be here instead of St Paul. It seems like some of the demonstrations are getting a little out of hand!

Although this convention is getting off to a very non conventional start (pardon the pun), I think it might get back on track. The hurricane seemed to be a lighter event than origionally predicted. The Atlantic, however, is looking a little scary now though!

Our event tonight was a success. I had hoped to get a few pics of Le Ann Rimes intimate performance, but I somehow ended up backstage without my camera as her performance started. With the crowd that was there, I was really happy to have my space!

One last thing, I am watching the hurricane wrap up footage from today. Those reporters getting blown around are absolutely hilarious, but Geraldo Rivera? What an idiot!!!

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