Monday, September 8, 2008

Dock along La Boca

Shortly after Eric and I arrived at this location in Buenos Aires called "LaBoca", we were asking each other what the big deal is. They seem to showcase this area as a must see when in Buenos Aires. Colorful...yes. Must see, well, not so much. I guess we just hit it at the wrong time of the day. That ship off to the right looked like it was dying a very slow death right in the harbour.

As we headed further up the seawall, we were kind of in exploration mode. Two American tourists wandering cluelessly in an unknown area.....with DSLR cameras. I find thats usually the best way to explore. Well, a few minutes later, the police showed up. There was alot of hand waving, pointing, and shouting in spanish, I think it was spanish. I am not sure what they were saying, but I am pretty sure it was something like "get out of this area with your expensive cameras you idiots....don't you know how unsafe it is here!" At least thats what I think they were saying. Guess I will never know.

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