Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Unwinding, originally uploaded by Photomike07 / MDSimages.com.

Whilst searching for an image for the daily upload, I have to admit its quite difficult to conjure up anything of value to ramble on about as the hotel TV off in the background blasts off a seriously hilarious rerun of the "Office".

The Moment? - winding down and making the attack plan for tomorrow

The Plan? - a site survey up here in Amelia Island for an up and coming event here in a couple of weeks

The update? - a million things to get together for this event and one right after it

The concern? - the million things I have to get together

The short term wish? - to get up in the AM and catch a nice sunrise with my camera and eyes

The question marks? - not sure.....what's with those Mike!?

cheers :)

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