Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time for dinner

Kind of a lame name for a photo....I mean really, ......whatever. I processed and named this image a while back and have no idea why I named it that.......but anyway....

I am kind of beat, but wanted to post a shot anyway. I just got back from a great show we did this evening. My crew always...and the client was ecstatic! A well oiled machine we were! Eric was rockin' the house at the lighting console when I decided to leave. He was having a good time! God knows, I have run enough of these shows in my 25 years of doing this. Its nice to see someone else with a passion for the art. I have always said that lighting can make or break an evening. From when the guests arrive till the last person leaves, our talent is a crucial ingredient in the success of the event. I look forward to posting a few images this week.

But for now, here is another from the Oregon trip.

I am sure I have said it before, but I could spend weeks exploring this incredible coast. The coast where I live (Florida), albeit a pretty one, is no match for the slendor of the West! I have many others that I hope to post someday, but for now, please enjoy!

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