Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deep forest

Well, I thought I posted this last night, but I guess I didn't. I usually post to flickr first and then upload from there. So, well, here it is.....a day late.....

After capturing this shot a while ago while traveling through the center of my wonderful state of Florida, I butchered it a few times with textures. Pixels have been moved, bent, and tortured beyond recognition. It has been sitting in a file as I continually have wondered whether to delete it or not.

This seems like a perfect night to post it however. My head is disheveled, congested and lacking any kind of feels like a giant cobweb.....very similar to this image! I HATE colds in Florida. Somehow they seemed a little easier to handle in the cold up North. Maybe thats cause I got to miss school when I was a kid. Well, at least I haven't been sick like this in a long where's that Robitusin!

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