Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Slide Scan Project : A hike in the Swiss Alps

Any day in the Swiss Alps is a great day indeed. One of the coolest things I remember about my hikes in the Alps was how easy it was. There were a lot of places in Interlaken, Luzerne, and Zermatt that had cable cars for skiing in the winter season. They usually ran these in the summer to give you the chance to get to the top of mountains and then hike down. There was even a place that you could take a bike up to a place via bus and bike the whole way down. Now thats biking!

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Greg Witt said...

Beautiful photo from the Alps. I guide hiking and trekking tours there every summer for Alpenwild. Next year I'll guide a group of photographers on an Alps Photo Workshop with a National Geographic Photographer as the teaching pro. Lots of iconic shots, to be sure.