Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunset panorama in the Everglades

On my last mosquito swatting expedition to the Everglades, I was seduced by a spectacular Florida sunset. Like what has happened many times before, I couldn't find a good location to shoot from during sunset. It kind of defeats the purpose of enjoying a nice peaceful experience when you are driving like a mad man chasing the light looking for a place to turnoff. During these times, it seems like the sun is dropping like a bowling ball! I like getting some interesting foreground subject if possible in my sunset shots, but I couldn't seem to find a great location anywhere. Well, the sun was fading fast. I eventually gave up and swerved off of the road and decided to do a panorama of the sky. I shot a few sequences, swatted a few insects, lost about a quart of blood, and hit the road as fast as I could. After using photostich in photoshop a few days after the swelling went down, this rather square image appeared on the screen. Kinda of a strange pano, but I kinda like it.

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