Monday, July 14, 2008

Four Arts Pavillion

This pavilion shot was captured just over the bridge at the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach. As this was taken during the day, the hanging chandeliers were not turned on. As I realized this during processing, I decided to "turn them on" in photoshop!

I have a bagillion images that I have taken over the last couple of months that I would like to start working on, but I am really trying to get a bunch of loose ends sewn up these next 2 weeks.

A million irons in the fire and I have to go to jury duty tomorrow! I guess its my duty to do so as an American citizen and I have gotten out of it a couple of other times. I just hope its short and day max! This should be a reeeeaaaal experience. Hey, I wonder if I can blog from the courtroom? Now that would be classic.

Aaaannnnd Cut! We got it! Thats a wrap.....

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