Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunrise in the Everglades

Sunrise in the Everglades, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

I was probably down about a pint of blood by the time I captured this one. I now realize the reason that I was the only jackass I could find in The Everglades Park......THE MOSQUITOS! OMG, the worst ever. Should have known, I mean, I have lived in Florida for 25 years!

At the second location I stopped if I hadn't had enough abuse....I actually thought I heard airplanes. I stopped, looked around, wondered what the hum was, and then, as if on Q, was brutally attacked by about 5 different insects. The next scene was me flailing about, running for the car (laughing hysterically of course!) I can't even imagine what it would be like camping out down there now!

Anyway, we are in the keys working on an event. So far, we are totally on track. Load-in this evening went smoother that I imagined. My crew totally rocked, as always!

More tomorrow!

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