Friday, March 5, 2010

A view from the room - San Diego

Upon checkin, the usual question that seems to be the first to be asked is would you prefer a king or 2 double beds? I say screw it, give me a beanbag chair, as long as I can get a cool view. And a cool view I was able to get!

My morning routine this morning had me in a bit of a confused state. While anticipating the excitement for todays session, I actually found myself sitting by the window in a relaxed state during sunrise, attempting to meditate whilst catching a glimpse of the rising San Diego sun painting the morning cityscape, while at the same time......and get this.....stretching, tweeting, checking emails, and chugging down a cup o' joe. Yeah, a little too much to actually focus on the meditation. LOL. Lets see how tomorrow goes!

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