Friday, March 12, 2010

A perfect night for a new beginning - Wedding at Turnberry

As I type this post while glancing out at the deluge of rain we are getting here in South Florida, I am reminded of the risk one takes in planning an outdoor event here. On a great night however, there is nothing quite as special as a wedding outdoors. This one we worked on a few months ago was for a long time clients daughter. Just another from the stack of files I have yet to get to! I am often asked just after the event if I can forward my images. Sounds easy, but its really not. I shoot them, but its not really my gig. When I eventually get around to digging back thru to process them, its easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Take this one for instance. After merging 9 exposures in photomatix, I set the clock. After merging, tonemapping, cropping, blending in layers in photoshop, painting in a few sky textures, adjusting curves, and sharpening...well, about an hour passed. Yeah.....hold on a second.....I'll get to those images from your event soon....hang in there... LOL!

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