Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Azalias in Ravine State Park

Well, not my usual style thats for sure. Guess you could think of it as an Aprils Fools post if you want, however, that wasn't the original idea when this fool captured them. On a recent trek through Ravine State Park up near the St. Johns River, these flowers were in full bloom. Having essentially NO idea what they were at the time, I felt the urge to capture the wonderful color that was all around. Hope you like the deviation from the norm for a change :)

I just realized that this blog is starting to turn into a daily twitter tweet! Seems like I used to have so much to say. Actually, what it really was, to steal a phrase from my little sister "So many words, so little information" or was it "So much verbage, so little said" wait a minute, I think it was..... (all right, we get it Mike!)

Enjoy :)

Azalias in Ravine State Park 1

Azalias in Ravine State Park 2

Azalias in Ravine State Park 3

Azalias in Ravine State Park 5

Azalias in Ravine State Park 6

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Richard Haber said...


True, this is not your usual style, but these are quite eyecatching. I particularly like the first one after the text, the way the bright sunlight is dappled in the softness of the background and the effect that it has backlighting the petals of the blossoms.

In all of them, the colors of the flowers and the background compliment each other just enough to create the separation between them without being too contrasty and spoiling the lazy, late afternoon feeling to these.

Thanks for sharing them.