Friday, April 3, 2009

Church in Buenos Aires - up on the hill

I guess I should post the name of this cathedral, but I am too tired to look it up! I know its in Buenos Aires, Argentina and up on a hill near the Recoleta Cemetery, so it should be an easy thing to research. I do vividly remember the incredible scent of incense mixed with age. The acoustics played havoc on my sense of hearing as the faint sounds of a crying baby reverberated off of the ceiling. (Geez, by the time I am finished typing all this extra verbage, I guess I could have just found the name of it!)

This seems like a fitting post as tonight was opening night for a Passion Play I designed, programmed, and provided lighting for. The interior is not quite as elaborate as this, but the story and message are still the same.

You know, I have attended many little performances and ceremonies as a proud father for my little girl over the past 8 years. Its kinda nice when the tables are occasionally turned though. She hung out with me in the lighting control area and watched her dad do his work this evening, and you know, she was just as proud of me too......and that feels good......really good

Hope you like this one :)


Beatriz Kim said...

Your understanding of lighting is evident in this photo. Excellent!

Richard Haber said...


The HDR Post on this one really works well to bring out the incredible detail in this interior. Having grown up _not_ spending much time in cathedral like structures as a child, I am always in awe of the heavenly scale of the room contrasted with the intricate personal details of the pews and stations.

Throw in a high mass in Latin and its easy to see how one could be a believer.

Thanks for invoking this for me.

Deb said...

Your spirit is beautiful and ever-emerging, Mike. I love that you are always finding the meaning of life in the simplest things. When we met, I would never have guessed that we would be the soulmates that we seem to be becoming. Finding beauty in everything life brings...even the bad recognizing God's amazing love. You are touching people everywhere and making them better people for having recognized that love. I can only hope that my quest to do the same is as effective as yours:) Keep blogging my amazing friend!