Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Park bench in Paris

I know I've said this before...many times before actually...

When my mind wanders, it wanders to Europe for some reason. I guess it all goes back to those pre marriage days of the early 90's when I used to get out the maps and guidebooks around mid March as the Palm Beach Season was coming to a fast and furious end. I eventually got my trips up to 2 months. Living low to the ground and soaking in as much of the world as I could. It never took alot of money....just one bag, a camera, a tape recorder, a meager budget, and a free spirit! That was the norm for me.......standard practice every year. 

So.....what happened? Hmmmm, guess life got in the way of living!

So here I am, 15 years later, living on my own again (for roughly the last 2 and a half years) and all I can think of is grabbing the back pack again! There's a huge and beautiful world out there just waiting for me to continue to explore what?

(more from the Ocala gig tomorrow......I felt like a little mind trip tonight)

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Beatriz Kim said...

If that's what your heart says, maybe it's time to make plans. Perhaps you can become a travel photographer? Get paid to travel and take photographs...sounds like a perfect match.

Steve LaRose said...

I like it Mike.
Ya know.. we can't relive the past.. it just won't ever live up to the glamour glow that our minds place all over it.
But, the future can be whatever we make it to be, and now, we have so much more perspective on the world then we did back then. The potential for us to see more, be more, and experience more is at our finger tips.