Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Looking elsewhere

It's a little rough out there for some people, a lot of people! For quite a while, many of those same people have been screaming for change. This slogan was embraced passionately and helped fuel our recent election. What I am afraid of is that the long dark road that we all need to travel to get back on course was envisioned by many as being this brightly lit super highway void of all roadblocks, debris, and distractions. Sure, there is a beacon of hope ahead....I see it....but its way out there. Your time now is best spent preparing yourself for that long journey ahead. Fuel up, tune up, and clean up.....your vehicle need to be taken care of! As we all travel down this new road, I guess its up to you to determine how you take the ride. Will a flat tire force you to stop and quite the game or will you take that opportunity during its repair to get out and explore what this beautiful world has to offer you. Will you hang out on the side of the road waiting for help, or will you trek out and blaze a new path to that incredible vista that might be right around the corner. The choice is yours......embrace the challenge and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

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Beatriz Kim said...

Are you sure you didn't paint this? It seems impossible to photograph. Seriously, you need to do a book.

It's magical and dreamy...I guess it's meant to be somber, but my positive little self says its beautiful and dreamy. I can lay on the grass and enjoy the music of the night.