Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the bridge in Shanghai

My post this evening is driven a bit by a show that happens to be on this evening. On Discovery HD, a show called China Rising is giving insight into the social economic challenges that are accompanying China and especially Shanghai as it springboards into its dramatic new future. Although I was only able to visit for a couple of days when I was there, I could feel the energy of this city as change was unfolding. This show unveils some of the resistance of the locals and a little of the ugly side of rapid capitalistic growth.

This image was created from a snap out of the old G10 as was wandering around one afternoon looking for "Old Shanghai". I particularly liked the grungy feeling of some of these older neighborhoods, however, I feel that all of this will be bulldozed over and gone by the time I make it back there someday. Every inch of this evolving city seems to be giving way "New Shanghai". Exciting for some, yet kind of sad for many.

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