Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 continents in 5 days - Europe - A night in Paris

The city of love, the city of light, the city that never sleeps......aahh, Paris. My fondness of this city, ever since I visited for the first time a few years ago, has always sparked a dream of mine. To have an apartment in the ILLe' de Cite', the St. Germain de Pres', or perhaps up near the Sacre' Coeur in Mont Marte'. The sidewalk cafes, archectecture and art museums are an excuse al by themselves for such a choice! Could you imagine, what a great place to base yourself for day and weekend trips to the rest of continental Europe. An overnight train to Barcelona, Lucern, or Copenhagen......a leisurely weekend in the Mediterranean.....a week of touring the vineyards of Bordeaux? I ask you, what could be finer than this?

My image above was created on a brief trip here a couple of summers ago while enjoying a cool evening walk along the romantic Seine River. Enjoy :)

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Drew Dedo said...

Just catching up on my favorite blog as i missed a few days. I like this 5 continents in 5 days, very clever... and I'd like to note that I think Lucern would be my city of choice. An incredible city and amazing landscape. Hope all is well and look forward to the next post.