Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunrise at Coral Cove

Well now, yesterdays post was a bit off track. Guess the heat got to me! Getting back to my image rescue week, here is one from Coral Cove taken about a year ago. I hope to get up there again soon to see how my techniques have improved (I hope they have!)
Just a quick note about Hy-Lite, Florida, and my up and coming travels. First off, its hot....really hot, in South Florida. Everyone in the shop is doing the annual "tuning up" and preparing for the up and coming season. They are the unsung hero's that keep the wheels turning. Thanks to all their hard work, we should be ready to hit the ground running when the season arrives!
I head out on Saturday to Denver for about 5 days. From Denver, I head to Minneapolis for about a week or so. I will be working on a small part of the Democratic and Republican Conventions. Looks like I am getting all Bipartisanship about it......reaching across the aisle so to speak. Although the projects I am working on are not huge, I am still honored to be part of the team. I have worked on events for past Super bowls, The US Open, The Ryder Cup, The PGA, The Inaugurals, and have lit the President at least 10 times. I have to admit, it is really cool to be a part....even a small part, of these high profile events.
I am very fortunate to have a few clients that value my attitude, talent, creativity, and expertise enough to ask me to travel with them to so many cool locations. I have seen more of this great planet through my career than I could have ever done on my own. I can only hope that these opportunities continue. Its a huge and wonderful world out there and I look forward to capturing more of it!

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