Monday, April 7, 2008

HDR captures from today

Getting ready to turn in. Wanted to post a couple more that I processed tonight. This fountain shot is at the front of the hotel and I pass it a couple times a day. Only had a 50MM lense with me at the time, so I did the best I could. The other is one of the facades at the location for the welcome reception this evening. Enjoy!


rosestgermain said...

Hello Mike: I just finished a nice long blog to you and I believe I/they lost it. I have minamil skills on computer. So if yu do happen to read it = you'll know why this sounds so familar.

I am a memeber of Kim's Club in WPB is how I got here. I want to tell you your photos are just absolutely awesume,as well as this site you created. Great work lots of character, depth! Keep up the creative work, you will get there if you are not already there yet!

I read all the emails sent (foerm the club), so I get/try to be involed that way just for now, as I have not made it to the club meetings yet. I live in Boca & Tampa areas. Have been real busy with a remodel project here and there (had flood etc.) and investment properties.

I have always loved photography, art and travel, and most things connected to those areas.

I can really appreciate what you do and see why you love your job so much. Lucky You, travel, art +++! Not much more you can ask for, huh.

Take care and get more great pics!

Rose StGermain

Haley Patton said...

I love your use of color, and hues. I can see that photoshop course at work here! Layer masks can add a lot of depth and pattern to any image. Your photos are great to begin with, so the photoshop is only enhancing an already perfect composition.

I especially like your European city images, the lighting is superb! What else would you expect from a Lighting Professionale Par Excellence!

Is there a way to purchase the images online?

A DIEHARD FAN of your music, photos and artsy lighting.
Haley Patton