Saturday, April 5, 2008

2 more images

Just a couple more images here. Captures from the hotel grounds today. By the way, nothing cracks me up like a bird in the ballroom. Not sure why thats so funny. They seem so out of place. All right, guess its time to get some sleep!


Steve LaRose said...

Hey Mike!
I am totally stoked that you are Blogging!

Amazing photos.... I am having a hard time taking them all in! The colors are surreal they are so intense!

I will check your blog regularly... Keep it up!


Deb said...

Hey!! I made it. Awesome pictures and you're a blogger☺The EDS show looks amazing! It's easy to see who's designing the lighting...who is producing it? It's fun reading what you are doing day by day. It's like a public journal...I really like it. You are an amazing is in your soul☺

I will be watching!