Monday, April 28, 2008

French Polynesia week

It's time to break away from our little European journey for a little trip back to reality. All right, that sounded stupid, I mean really. Sometimes I wonder, who am I even talking to in this blog? And then, I just shake my head and keep typing. So anyway, getting on with my meaningless dribble, here we are, or at the very least, here I am. I have decided to kind of keep to a theme this week. I am going to post images from our event on Sunday. I I did a few HDR shots as well as some closeup detail ones. Here is the first. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Steve LaRose said...

Well.. at worst case.. you are talking to me.
Although my friend told me that he was showing some hot chick your photos. Tell me about your ND Filter.

Should I get one before I head to Prauge/Russia?