Monday, May 24, 2010

A playground of images - wedding details

I've often referred the the business I am in (providing lighting and effects for special events) as getting the chance to play with a really big toy box filled with goodies. I know, kinda silly, but its felt that way since the beginning. This season, more that average, has found us lighting quite a bit of weddings. It seems only natural that I approach these environments with my camera like a playground.....with goodies to photograph all around me. I know, REALLY silly. Speaking of silly, check out the video I uploaded this evening. I don't know where I could have possibly thought that I would have the time to video blog from the event in the Bahamas we are leaving for in the AM, but I decided to record an intro video this afternoon. Well, an on camera talent I am NOT! As I looked over the clips for a shred of anything useful, I realized that what I had actually created was a bunch of out-takes. Check in out if ya get a chance. Lets hope it gets better as the week goes on!

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Caidal said...

Fantastic, Funny & Real nobody can beat that.
thank you for posting, i am looking forward for more to come.
Caidal Events
Formerly Berber